Terms and Conditions

Your Privacy and Our Promise

It might be boring BUT it’s extremely important…please allow us to put your mind at ease.


We collect your information to deliver our products and services as requested by you and promised by us. We do not and will not under any circumstances use your data in an intended or deliberately malicious manner nor do we sell your information to any third party. We respect your privacy and treat all your data accordingly. Trust is earned, and we can assure you that trust will be reciprocated to you, just as you have placed your trust with us. That’s a promise!


We do collect some personal information

We need a little information to deliver on our service promise as well. With this, we need only certain personal information to deliver our services and products. We may also collect ‘usage and flow’ data regards how participants use this online experience to form aggregated data. From this, we can develop a better user experience. This also empowers us to make our products and services more streamlined and enjoyable, producing real, honest and increased benefits to our participants. Additionally, we gather statistics to be able to report issues, concerns or little windows of brilliance to our hosting providers, code writers and web developers to constantly make our service the best it can be. We want you to have a wonderful time with us, and supply you a journey that fairs better than you expected. Using your and general aggregated data provides us the science to make our service better, but without such data, we’d only be guessing where best to tweak and polish.


The type of information we collect

·       Personal- We gather information we collect straight from you

·       Aggregated- We collect certain data while users are with us during their online activity

·     Fiscal- We do not have an e-commerce website so we do not ask for any payment type, and therefore no fiscal information will be asked of you from the Premier Services Group website.

·       Sensitive- Some information may include your first and family names, your work and/or personal email(s) address and your mobile number.


Who we work with

·       Our online family may include our other services and products sites

·     Our affiliated businesses partners via sponsorship, advertising, hosting, social and all other providers required to bring our offer to you and the general market

·       Outsourcing to third parties for certain aspects of our operations, of our service and products offers

·       Social media service providers

·       Customer service providers

·       Legal Authorities, should our legal obligations dictate that we must

·       Others which we require to make our business the best it can be for the user and visitor alike

·    We will provide access to our information should we be directed to under Australian Law. This is typically requested if there is believed to be unlawful activity, serious misconduct, or threat to life, health or safety.



·      Advertising our products to you is with your permission only. If you receive something from us and you didn’t want it, please don’t be offended, simply choose the opt-out option, click this and we will not be contacting you again for advertising purposes.

·       Opting out. This is as important to us as it is to you. It is not our business practice to send you information that you don’t want, is not of interest to you or you simply do not want to receive such communications from us. We truly believe it is bad business practices to send information to our client base if they did not want it. Our valued clients do not need to be subscribers to be a client. We simply send relative information about this subject matter and not unsolicited random mail.


Credit related information

This is only regarding our paying contacts that we require such payment information, and obviously, to complete a financial transaction. As advised under the type of information we collect, we do not offer an e-commerce website and therefore we do not ask for any credit information from you.



Security is treated with the greatest of importance and seriousness. We believe that every person using our service or products expect this of us, and we promise to accommodate accordingly. We use:

·       Firewalls

·       Secure passwords and logins

·       Encryption of our data when in transit

·       Virus scanning software

·       Security reviews as ongoing business practice


Getting in Touch

If you have further questions that we have not addressed or listed to put your mind at ease, we welcome you to make contact with us as we would be more than happy to discuss any privacy or security concerns you might have. You can help us make this better.



Contact Premier Services Group

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