Building maintenance during COVID

24th March 2020


On March 18th 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of the need to maintain essential services during national lock downs. We, at Premier Services Group are urging all facilities managers to ensure that maintenance of the Fire Protection, Smoke management and HVAC systems (especially air filtration) are not overlooked or neglected in any way during this time.

For the safety and protection of both occupants and property, it is essential that your critical assets are functioning and well maintained to reduce the risk of failure.  Not only is it legislated, but ongoing maintenance is vital to achieving this outcome.

With the office / building landscape continually changing during this pandemic, and the uncertainty around site occupation there is potential for Preventative maintenance to be overlooked leading to a greater risk to the building and its occupants.

At Premier Services Group our trade qualified technicians have been fully trained in how to work safely during this situation. All staff are equipped with additional hygiene and safety equipment while they continue to service and maintain critical plant throughout NSW, QLD & NZ.

Please contact us for any information or if you have any concerns.

Best Regards


Richard Stalley

Manager – Premier Services Group