Water Storage Tanks

PIC 1 – Tank inside the walls within the Pump room

PIC 2 – Tanks outside area

The water storage tanks are designed to provide a measured volume of available water supply to the system, be that sprinkler or hydrant or both, so it maintains an engineered allowance to suppress any possible fires that may occur at this particular premises. The tanks would have been a ‘must meet’ installation before the property is occupied, and could have been for reasons such as the mains fed water pressures and volumes that the Council will meet.

Tank are to be inspected as per AS1851-2012 on monthly, 6 monthly and annual basis. Your fire maintenance provider will be licensed to complete and sign off said inspections and will provide the property representatives with the paperwork or evidence that these inspections have taken place. Water Tanks will also need to be mentioned on your annual occupier statement.